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“Some photographic memories are moving pictures in your mind that remain; people and things can change over time but the frozen moments will always remain the same. Capture life one frame at a time and one breath at a time!"

Quote written by Tracy Westerman

About The Photographer

Hi I am Tracy Westerman and I am a Brockville Ontario based free lance photographer with experience. I am a mother to a wonderful son and beautiful daughter and son in law.

 I posess a  passion for nature and quiet places. I have an admiration for all animals and share my home with two older cats and a friendly labrador retriever.

 I see the world differently when I view it through the lens. Details that would otherwise be missed come to life when I am shooting. I give attention to detail with a creative flair that makes my work unique, so when you visit my site please don't expect my work to resemble every other photographer out there!

Photography is a passion I have always possessed. While in school I took courses learning to develop my own film and progressively over the years became adept at using a wide range of cameras before choosing a personal favorite digital camera. Over the years online courses and studies helped me to improve and develop my very own style.

 Nature has long been my hobby but more recently with encouragement from family and friends, I have branched out into the field of becoming a photographer specializing in capturing smiles.

 I also am a composer of my very own life quotes which I display along with my photos when posting to my Instagram account.(dreamspire_image_photography). I am also a published poet in many books availble in the United Kingdom which was a result of entering poetry contests. 

I have a sense of humor that adds some character into my shoots and if you are nervous I find that a little humor is a great way to help you relax and allow your beautiful Dreamspire Smile to make my lens happy! 

As a photographer I strive to keep my work unique and each photograph I shoot gives evidence of the fact that my work will always portray the quality and assurance as well as a vivid portrayal of

 what you have come to admire about Dreamspire Image Photography! Through my style of editing, you will receive an array of different color shots. I will give your photographs that special touch with unique style and detail, glowing with the beauty you will be proud to showcase. I offer a consultation where we will get better acquainted and provide opportunity for you to view my work if you wish, as well we will discuss what you want in your photo package, all for a small fee. I sincerely thank you for investing your smile with me. I look forward to meeting all of my clients. Before you look elsewhere for a photographer, remember that YOUR smile looks best when you choose Dreamspire Image because "A Dreamspire Image Smile Is A Beautiful Thing!"

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