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meet the following clients

Meet Keary

Keary has a beautiful personality and a good sense of humor. She has a kind heart and a pleasant demeanor about her. She loves animals and has a keen mind that often displays itself with a vivid imagination. Keary came to Brockville and spent a year here before returning back to her former dwelling to be closer to family and friends she grew up with. Her photo shoot in Hardy Park is a depiction of her unique personality.

Meet Natalia (left) and Bella

Natalia and Bella are the two beautiful daughters of my friend Samantha and her husband Josh. They exude an energy that is a possession of many young children. Both Bella and Natalia may differ from each other but both girls are kind hearted and very polite.

During their 2018 March Break they came out dressed in snow suits on a snowy mild winter day to St. Lawrence Park in Brockville for a photo shoot. Though sisters, the two girls are as different as night and day and it was my aim to capture each of their personalities in the shoot and show others just who Natalia and Bella are.

When it comes to children's shoots I feel it is always a treat to capture the child's personality while I allow him or her to be themselves.

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