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Meet my Clients

Stories Of Life that Create the Moments

Meet Brittanie and Chris

Admiring her from afar, Chris first fell in love with Brittanie's beautiful heart when he attended a talent show in which Brittanie's voice in song was music to Chris' ears. He knew he had to learn more about this girl and really wanted to get to know her so he braved up the courage to ask a friend to give him Brit's cell phone number to call her for a date.

At first it was just coffee between her and her brother's best friend; then came a second and third coffee meeting! Brittanie wasn't sure at first exactly how she felt about Chris, she just enjoyed his friendship. With each meeting together Brittanie began to look at Chris through differnt eyes. Could this be the man she dreamed of being with in her young girl dreams? Softly, sweetly the relationship grew.

Brittanie soon began to see that this was the man she was going to fall in love with and wanted to share the rest of her life with him!

 Then came the proposal one cold December night in 2016 when she rushed home to awaken her parents with the announcement she was now engaged!. Their life was headed for great things!

 The couple were married May 6 2018 in Brockville Ontario and had a  smaller but beautiful and intimate wedding ceremony with family and friends presiding! The reception was quaintly held at The Brockville Country Club. The sign outside the venue is adorned with the letters "BCC" which the couple joked with friends and family they had those letters placed there for them as the letters form their first and last name!

Today their love still is as though the wedding took place just a few days ago and for them the Honey Moon will never end! This pair was built to last the test of times and to share many happy years together!

Meet Jason and Amanda

Jason is the, "rarely serious" guy who has a sense of humor and often has everyone in his circle busting out in laughter over his goofy sense of humor; which made both the engagement and wedding photo sessions so much fun for me to shoot! Amanda is the sensible, down to earth girl with a good sense of humor and a gentle, kind heart.

 Jason and Amanda had been good friends for a while but suddenly something awakened in them a need to be together. They both were single and alone and felt they could be so much more together so they moved their relationship up one step to begin dating. Over time the two began to see each other with a different vision and could see themselves with a future together. Soon along with the relationship came the love, softly in crept the closeness and growing love and then came a promise!

Jason proposed in a way that Amanda will forever remember; but we will allow them to keep some secrets! The two were engaged and later married in Brockville on May 27th 2018. 

Meet Caitlin

Cait is a beautiful person inside and out and has a vivacious personality. She has a genuine heart and cares about people and their interests in life. 2018 is the year she completed her high school studies and it was my pleasure to treat her to a fun afternoon in Hardy Park in Brockville Ontario and have a graduation photo shoot done. 

We decided to customize the shoot with a combination of a bit of glamor along with a western appeal in her shoot. We decided to take some of the shoot with some photos along the board walk accompanied by a guitar,  and a western hat as props. The weather was perfect and the warm sunshine added a glow to her photos.

 Cait expressed to me her delight over her photos and was very pleased with the "high quality, professional editing" to her photos; and the wide array of colors, styles and filters that were used to make her shoot unique!

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