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Meet the following Clients

Meet Megan

Megan is the best friend of my daughter Brittanie. She has a contagious sense of humor and is sensitive to the feelings of others which adds to her endearment to others. Her personality is as beautiful as she is. 

She had the privilege of being the Maid of Honor in my daughter's wedding last spring. This photo was taken during the morning before the wedding in the salon where the room was a buzz of laughter and memories to keep for a life time!

Meet Isaac

Meet Isaac, the beloved apple of my eye! Isaac became a part of my life at the time of his birth on March 29 2015. Isaac was only 3 weeks old when we first met. It must be understood that I was the one who went searching for him but he chose me. There were regular visits to get acquainted while he was growing. He came home May 24th of that year. He would quickly work his way into my heart, changing life in ways I never expected, healing the pain caused by the sudden death of my beloved Labrador Cyrus. My beautiful gentle boy became ill in early December 2014 and without conclusive diagnosis, though thyroid cancer was suspected; collapsed at home and passed away suddenly at dawn on Jan 16 2015.

Isaac has a big heart and all 73 pounds of this beautiful boy makes his presence known when he enters a room. He quickly became the new guardian to my 2 senior cats, Indy and Abby who absolutely adore him. Even at the age of 3 still fusses like a baby when he becomes tired and will bark himself to sleep, but I love spending the best part of each day with him! He will always be my "picture perfect pup, and my business mascott."

Meet Brodie (left) and Annie

Brodie and Annie spent the best days of their lives in a foster home in my neighborhood. They belonged to the breeder but were fostered by my neighbors between breeding. Both dogs were championship winners in dog shows over the years and were always happy to greet me during my walk with my own dogs and were companions to both my Labradors. Brodie was first to go, passed away in Winter of 2015 and Annie passed away Spring of 2017 both to cancer. Two big canine hearts that will never be forgotten!

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